You Have To Be Odd To Be Number One

    I saw this quote on a bass player’s Instagram page 3 years ago. If you see him, you may describe him as odd — he’s thin, has long hair, and COVERED, literally from head to toe, in tattoos. I’ve also met him, and he’s a pretty cool guy. I thought it was a neat phrase, so I took a screen shot of the post, and put it on my Instagram page as well.

    Recently, this phrase popped back into my head in a casual conversation in our office. Our Real Estate team is a little quirky, a ton fun, and super passionate about serving our clients. While laughing about our quirks, I stated the phrase, “You have to be odd to be number one”.

    Fast forward to today [about 1 week later]. Our fearless leader was sharing a thought he had while driving down the road: Everything [manmade] we see and experience every day is the product of someone’s crazy idea. Someone who was probably told it was impossible. Someone who was probably laughed at. Someone who failed massively in their attempt to create something revolutionary.

    When we tie this to our industry, and the people specifically in Keller Williams, who have built massive businesses, that same concept applies. The reason those people are so wildly successful is because they did something “odd”. They thought outside of the box and created something that, at the time, no one was doing, or no one was doing well.

    We think of the people who have mastered systems and automate their business. We think of the people who have expanded outside of their local hub to replicate their business across state lines. We think of the people who built a $20M business off open houses alone. We think of the people who dominate certain neighborhoods. We think of the people that have 6,000 real estate related conversations in one month. Sound crazy? Sound hard? Sound revolutionary? Yes to all of it.

    So what does that mean to me and us? It means in order for us to leave our legacy, and in order for us to dominate our market area, we have to do what everyone else isn’t doing. What opportunity is being left on the table because everyone else is chasing the same set of For Sale by Owners, Expired listings, or Zillow leads? How can we create meaningful relationships that can sustain our business? What can we create that can be duplicated when we decide to cross state lines?

    Out of the box thinkers will always be shot down, and will always be asked, “What happens when you fail?” Those people are the ones that fight harder, push through the doubt, and have massive success. Their unique ideas lead them to a unique position: the top. The opportunities are out there, and the universe is abundant. It’s up to us to decide how much of that abundance we want to claim for ourselves, and our families. Don’t let the small minds of others hold you back from the greatness within you. Don’t let those who can’t see past tomorrow tell you things aren’t possible. Don’t let the doubt and fear that others have be projected on you change your goals. Be you. Be different. Be odd. Be bold. Be shot down. Be a big thinker. Then be number one in all that you do.

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