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    The “Warm and Fuzzies” – A True Real Estate Client Experience

    There’s no other way to say this: sometimes having a job in real estate is just plain challenging.

    • We are away from our families and events.
    • We work long and weird hours.
    • We deal with people during emotional times (whether it’s sadness over loss of a loved one and having to sell a family home, financial stress, or even just a whole lot of confusion because everyone in their life seems to be giving them real estate advice.)
    • We are cheerleaders, therapists, negotiators, business people, babysitters, and whatever else our clients need from us.

    So why do it? Why put ourselves through the ringer and wake up each day not knowing if our appointment will show up, our offer will be accepted, or if we will have to miss a friend’s birthday dinner?

    Because our clients need someone who cares about them. When we have the pleasure of working with clients that recognize the care we have to offer, it makes every late night, every foiled deal, every missed appointment, worth it.

    A few months ago, I was working with a client that was very excited about getting his home on the market. My team at Bello Dimora Network of Keller Williams Louisville East went to work. We had our photos shot, our marketing pieces built out, the website constructed, and were ready to drop the sign in the yard. Then life happened. His circumstance changed at the last minute, and we didn’t put the home on the market. He was concerned I would be upset. I assured him the only thing that mattered was him and his best interests. I told him I wasn’t going anywhere and when things got sorted out, we’d pick up where we left off.

    Fast forward to now. We found a home that makes sense for him and his son, and we had all the pieces in place in order to know that we had the ability to move forward with an offer. However, he was nervous about the possibility of his home selling before he had a place to go. You see, this client is an Air Force Veteran, and unfortunately, like many returning Veterans, has suffered homelessness — not having a home to go to is a very real fear and concern. My plan was to ensure to the very best of my ability, that our offer was accepted with enough contingencies in place for us to guarantee that he will not have sold his house without the next place he and his son can call Home.

    Tonight, he sent me a text asking me if we had a new contract in place [for listing his home]; to which I responded that we didn’t yet… not until we knew for sure his offer that he submitted on the new would be accepted. His next text is what inspired this blog entry. The words he chose were simple yet powerful. The text touched me in a way that he probably would realize.

    “You are very smart and I respect you.”

    This is why I love my job. I’ve worked with special people over the years that see the value in my work. My clients know that I couldn’t care less if I earned $100 or $10,000 from their transaction; they understand that the priority is always accomplishing their goals. I fall victim to the warm and fuzzies when the care that I have for my clients is noticed and appreciated by them. So to all of my clients, current and past; know that I appreciate you. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t get to keep doing what I love every single day.


    I LOVE my Real Estate Career! If you have been considering jumping into this exciting, and ever changing industry; or if you have just begun thinking about gathering some more information, please contact me if you have questions! I would be happy to help you figure out if a career in real estate might be right for you. We can discuss how it might impact your future, both in your personal, as well as your business life.

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