A Simple Choice for Being Simply Healthier

    In nearly every aspect of life we are bombarded with an abundance of choices.  The sheer amount of products available to us for every little, ultra-specific need is dizzying.  This overstimulation of options is especially clear when it comes to caring for our bodies and homes.  Entire sections of retail stores are devoted to shelf after shelf of brightly colored cleaning products, cleansing wipes for every purpose, and more brushes, sponges, and mops than seem reasonable.  It’s hard to remember that more often than not, the simplest of solutions are the best for all our needs.

    Sanela Susa is a stalwart champion of this idea, because her life has significantly changed for the better for embracing it.  Just this year, Sanela (or Sanny as she prefers) was invited to a Norwex party, an event hosted in cooperation with a Norwex consultant to demo their cleaning products.  The centerpiece of their company revolves around their unique microfiber cleaning cloths that, with nothing more than water, promise to remove 99% of bacteria.  As a healthcare professional, Sanny was aware of the damaging effects of the chemicals found in many household cleaners and was interested to see if an alternative would actually work.  Impressed by the demo, she decided to give the cloths a try.

    For Sanny, the results were astounding.  Sanny suffers from severe allergies and highly sensitive skin.  After just a week of using Norwex’s face cleansing cloths to remove her makeup, her face was completely clear of blemishes.  And now, utilizing Norwex’s products to clean her home, she’s found that her allergies have greatly reduced.  In fact, Sanny’s been able to stop receiving allergy shots and no longer has a need for medication either.

    These life changing results are why Sanny almost immediately reached out to Norwex to become a consultant herself.

    Hearing her passion for the company is incredible.  She genuinely wants to get Norwex into the homes of individuals that are suffering like she did, because she knows it will improve their lives and health.

    She believes these products are a worthy investment and a simple change for everyone, but especially for those struggling with health concerns as common as allergies or as severe as cancer.  With Norwex, you can experience a true clean, one that doesn’t involve removing bacteria at the cost of introducing harmful chemicals.

    As a consultant, Sanny can sell Norwex products and host parties, both on Facebook and at in-home events.  As a bonus to hosting a party in your home, you earn free products for yourself or to share with your friends.  If you think Norwex might improve your day to day, please reach out to Sanny through her website or Facebook page.  She would be thrilled to show you the difference a simple cloth can make.

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