Mama Tried, Lyndi Does

    From the moment you approach Mama Tried, with the orange glow of its theater-esque light up marques, you know you’re about to experience something truly unique and exciting.  Once inside this tattoo parlour you’ll discover walls covered in a myriad of vibrant artworks (many from local artists), cozy corners to just kick-back and hangout, and the lovingly inviting attitude of artist Lyndi Lou.  With a reputation as the only solely female owned tattoo shop in Louisville, Lyndi is very much the heart and soul of Mama Tried.

    From a childhood on a western Kentucky tobacco farm, Lyndi followed a winding road to Louisville to pursue a career as a working artist.  That road included a brief stint at Murray State University and the realization that, after spending much of her younger years hanging out in local tattoo shops, she just needed to go for it.  Thus her official apprenticeship began in Elizabethtown, KY, and her skills have continued to be honed over the next decade working at various parlours in the Highlands.  All of which was preparation for opening her own shop in September of 2017.

    Lyndi Lou is an artist through and through, and Mama Tried reflects this.  She and her fellow tattoo artists, Jared Stacy and Tyler Bush, custom design each tattoo to meet the personal specifications and desires of their clients.

    No two tattoos are ever the same.  They want to make sure that their clients are getting personalized pieces as unique as they are.

    In addition to their regular artists, they also keep a guest space available for out-of-town tattooists to work at Mama Tried for short stints.  Scheduled sessions are the norm, with Lyndi often booked two months out, but walk-in spaces are regularly available.

    In addition to their standard offerings, the artists at Mama Tried will spice things up every now and then.  When the weather supports it, they like to set-up a pop-up shop outside.  And they regularly plan quarterly charity events in which flash tattoos are offered as a means to fund raise, most recently helping to benefit Habitat for Humanities.  Also, Lyndi’s personal art is frequently displayed in local galleries, especially in accordance with Revelry Boutique.   Her current pieces focus on a combination of water colors and wood burning, creating dream-like images of fully dressed anthropomorphic animals.

    Should you be interested in scheduling your own tattoo session with Lyndi, you can book through the Mama Tried website or email her directly at  If you just happen to be interested in pursuing a life as a tattoo artist, she’d likewise love to have you come hangout.  She’s especially devoted to hiring more female artists and increasing the amount of women working in the field.  Finally, Lyndi’s all about people just coming by to work on their own sketches and find some comfort and support in Mama Tried’s lounge area.

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