Happy 4th of July? Maybe not for our best friend.

    Happy 4th of July!

    Well, for most of us that is. 

    Independence Day is one our nation’s greatest celebrations. We at Bello Dimora Network of Keller Williams Louisville East love the tradition of firing off the biggest and loudest fireworks we can possibly get our hands on to say “Happy Birthday America!” The rolling smoke from charcoal grills; the fellowship of friends and family… everything is excellent! USA! Who could possibly disagree with the massive amounts of commemoration?

    Our best friends, that’s who…

    Some of our most precious friends that we have in life may disagree with our annual nod to this nation’s freedom. Of course I am referring to our dogs.

    Not all dogs suffer from the anxiety that comes with the 4th of July, as well as thunderstorms. But many do. If you have one of these guys or gals you know what I mean. It could be trembling, scrambling, hiding, digging, chewing, whining, or simply a super strong desire to be held… or any combination! There are blankets, scarves, and jackets out there that claim to help. And it has been reported that some of them do. In some extreme cases, some of our friends are sedated. So how can we have a successful Independence Day for all members of our families?

    To get a few tips on those subject, I reached out to dog trainer extraordinaire, Patrick Messenger, owner of Louisville Dog Wizard. For those of us without the fancy equipment or not wanting to medicate our friends, Patrick gives a few ideas as to how we can help our furry friends this July 4th.

    In no particular order

    If you’re going out to see fireworks, leave your pup at home. It may be a good idea to leave the TV or music on to mask some of the loud sounds.

    If you are at home, keep the dog active with games, bones, commands, etc. Don’t give them the opportunity to dwell on what’s happening outside of the home.

    Make sure all bathroom breaks are leashed or in a secured environment (i.e. fenced back yard)


    These may sound super simple and a bit like common sense. That’s because it is! And sometimes in the heat of the moment, common sense is the first thing to go! Am I right? Add four kids into the mix, along with our three pups. Yes, common sense sometimes flies right out the window.

    One thing that I will add that Patrick didn’t mention. A trained pup is a happy pup. The security that your can bring to your friend through proper training will give you a tremendous advantage when battling the elements. If you would like information on how training might make a difference in your family, contact Patrick through Louisville Dog Wizard. You can also check out his Louisville Dog Wizard Facebook page as well.

    And finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention it. If all else fails, and all you need is a new hiding place for your pup when the storms roll through or when America celebrates its freedom; we at Bello Dimora Network can help you find the right place! See the latest homes hitting Louisville and surrounding areas at bellodimora.com!

    Here’s wishing to you and your best friend the safest of Independence Days! Here’s to a happier 4th!

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