A Little Down-to-Earth Dedication and Determination

    Photo by Logan Adermatt on Unsplash

    For five years David Doeke has proudly kept the exterior of the Jeffersontown Cracker Barrel in tip-top shape.  Often utilizing his own equipment, he helped to bolster each and every client’s experience with a spotless porch of clean rocking chairs and shimmering entry doors.  Now, with the encouragement of happy customers, David is spreading his devotion to detailed cleaning through his own company, DDD Storefront Cleaning Service.

    The business, co-owned and operated by David’s partner, Lynelle, takes a personal turn for them both.  DDD were to be the initials of their son, tragically lost at 21 weeks of pregnancy.  Their son’s memory not only survives through the company’s name, but they’ve adopted the letters to take on a new meaning.  That philosophy now drives their mission statement:

    “We DO our best not to leave any DIRT behind.  We DO more than storefronts.”

    And indeed they do.  David has expanded to include residential customers and businesses of all shapes and sizes.  Their services range from hand-cleaning windows, to yard upkeep, trash removal, and even safety inspections.  Occasionally he’s willing to take on interior cleaning services as well.  When father winter rears his ugly head, they’ll also switch gears to ice and snow removal.

    As a bonus benefit to their clientele, David places a special emphasis on being as eco-friendly as possible.  Whenever he can, he relies on clean water and old-fashioned elbow grease.  When something a little more powerful is called for, Simple Green products are the strongest chemicals they employ.  Moreover, all of DDD’s lawn equipment is electric or battery operated.  David is hoping to add a biofuel tractor to his repertoire soon.

    If you or anyone you know has a business or residential need for exterior cleaning, please give David and Lynelle a shout.  They can be reached by phone at 502-888-3185 or emailed at dddcleaningservice@twc.com.

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